SuccessConnects Program

SuccessConnects is a holistic support program focused on ensuring your academic, personal, and social success at Michigan. The program is designed to enhance the journey to a University of Michigan degree by providing opportunities to excel in the undergraduate experience and enhance the level of community inclusion, scholarship, and leadership success.

SuccessConnects provides opportunities ranging from networking and professional development to study skills and study abroad opportunities, while giving students a community of scholars and leaders amongst whom they can thrive. These are achieved through dynamic customized components, such as Success Coaching.

We invite all students to submit their information and get connected with SuccessConnects! Programming and support services are available for the entire academic year.

Please fill out the form below or email Hector Galvan,, if you would like more information on how to become a SuccessConnects Scholar.

Click here for more information on SuccessConnects.


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